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Neurologic Relief Centers Technique

Commitment to Quality

We constantly strive to provide our patients with the best possible care.


We're currently working on a project that should provide exact statistics on how much relief our patients are receiving based on their appraisal of their progress during and after the treatment period. The first release should be available in the near future.

Other information regarding studies conducted in our offices should be available soon thereafter. Until that time it would be unethical for us to make any claims concerning the results of our treatment. If in any of our writings we have indicated any claims concerning the success of our treatment, it was never our intent.

Thank you for taking the time to review this information. We expect to continue our work in order to improve the method in the years to come.

Breaking News

The Miracle of Joan

Joan was not able to speak properly when she arrived at our clinic.

During the administration of the test she regained her speech and her pain disappeared. Watch this video and experience Joan's excitement.


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The Neurologic Relief Centers and their doctors have been treating patients just like you for over 8 years with incredible results. Take some time and view the testimonials and see for yourself.  You will be taken care of with the most experienced doctors and staff. Our advanced hands on methods have been helping hundreds of people just like you.  Since we now know more about this mysterious disease we have developed the amazing test to determine if you suffer from this debilitating condition.  Along with the test we have also developed the treatment to help your condition.

Join the thousands of others who now have a more fruitful life ahead of themselves and can now enjoy and experience life as it should be.  PAIN FREE!!

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